Hack Solstice is the University of Florida’s first female-focused hackathon! During this 24-hour event, Girls Who Code in Gainesville is committed to creating an encouraging environment for women and individuals of underrepresented backgrounds to demonstrate their skills and learn new technologies.

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Join our Discord as well, it will be our main communication platform where all announcements will be made and where you can find teammates!

Participant Perks

All Hack Solstice participants:

  • will receive free access to echoAR’s Business Plan features for use in their projects by registering here.
    • Don't know how to use echoAR? echoAR will be hosting a workshop at 3PM on Saturday, 1/16 titled How to Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 Minutes or Less. The workshop will show how to quickly create augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) apps with no technical skills or coding required and scale existing apps by connecting them to the cloud. Link to the workshop.
  • have free access to Centered from NOW until the end of Hack Solstice.Try it out now here. 
  • will receive free access to IEX Cloud's Start plan and sandbox testing environment. Read more about IEX Cloud's sandbox feature here and register for the IEX Cloud start plan here
  • who submit a project to will be entered into a raffle to win one of two $75 Study Edge Membership vouchers. Correction: each voucher is worth $75. The total value of the vouchers is $150.

Check out our schedule here!

Introduction to GitHub @11AM, Saturday

Requirements: Please create a GitHub account and download Git for Windows https://gitforwindows.org/. If you have a Mac, you can use your terminal.

An introduction to Python Flask for Web Development @12PM, Saturday

Workshop will cover collecting and utilizing data entered by a user in a form, uploading files, and setting up a basic 404 error page. Workshop assumes prior knowledge of basic Python and HTML.

Requirements: Please download Python and have something to edit code (basic notepad will do).

Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 Minutes or Less @3PM, Saturday

The workshop will show how to quickly create AR/VR apps with no technical skills or coding required and scale existing apps by connecting them to the cloud. 

Requirements: Please bring laptop + phone.



echoAR is a cloud platform for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR/VR apps and experiences.

Centered is a Flow State app transforming the way we focus and get work done. The macOS app is designed to quickly activate a user’s Flow State – the state of being focused and productive without distraction – to help users accomplish Tasks 20% faster than normal.

IEX Cloud is a financial data API provider that aims to make quality financial data and services accessible to everyone.

Study Edge is a national leader in providing innovative, online education resources to over one million students and educators across the country.


 Participants may compete individually or compete in teams of maximum four people. All participants must be over 16 years in age and be currently attending a university or have graduated within one year (undergraduate). This hackathon is focused on women but participants may be of any gender. International participants are allowed to compete. Participants may be from any university and may form teams with students outside of their university. As of right now, we cannot guarantee international shipping for merch/prizes, but our team is working on fixing this. Shipping of merch/prizes is guaranteed for participants residing within the United States.


  • Projects can be entirely new or have been worked on prior to the hackathon. You may continue to work on a project that you have worked on prior to the hackathon start date but you MUST indicate in your submission what parts were worked on BEFORE the hackathon and which parts were worked on DURING the hackathon. Only the components worked on during the hackathon will be judged.
  • A video demo that is four minutes or less must be submitted with your project. All video submissions must be created during the 24 hour hackathon, from 1PM Saturday to 1PM Sunday. 

  • Your code must be available in a public repository, such as GitHub or Repl.it. Not sure how to use GitHub? We will be hosting a GitHub workshop on Saturday, 1/16 at 11AM.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,207 in prizes

Best Hack

Best project overall!

Winners will receive 1-year of free access to Centered and Hack Solstice t-shirts!

Best First-Timer Hack

At least two team members must have never attended a hackathon before.

Winners will receive 1-year of free access to Centered and Hack Solstice t-shirts!

Best Use of echoAR

Winners with the best AR/VR app or experience using echoAR will recieve:
- $50 Amazon giftcard
- 1-month free Business Tier access to echoAR
- Feature on echoAR's "Inspiration" Page

Not sure how to use echoAR? echoAR will be hosting a workshop at 3PM on Saturday, 1/16. Details are listed above.

Best Use of Financial Data

Winners with the best application using IEX Cloud will receive an IEX Cloud credit for free access to 1 month of IEX Cloud Launch plan data to further develop their winning project!

Popular Choice

Public voted award!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sanethia Thomas

Sanethia Thomas

Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett

Cecil Kidd

Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
Founder & CEO of echoAR

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"?
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the user experience? How well designed is the interface? For a website, this might be about how beautiful the CSS or graphics are.
  • Completion
    Does the hack work? Did the team achieve everything they wanted?
  • Learning
    Did the team stretch themselves? Did they try to learn something new? What kind of projects have they worked on before?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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